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Allen Jackson
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Occupation(s)Radio Meteorologist, The Weather Channel Radio Network (1990—early 2000s)
Known forVocal Local narrator for The Weather Channel
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Allen Jackson is an American voiceover artist who is best known as the first voice of the Vocal Local narrations used on The Weather Channel's Local on the 8s. He was a longtime radio meteorologist for The Weather Channel Radio Network.

Early life and education

Jackson is a native of Miami, Florida. There, he attended Miami-Dade College.[1]


Sometime during or after his time at Miami-Dade College, Jackson began to enter the world of radio broadcasting. Prior to joining The Weather Channel, he worked in the Columbus, Georgia, area with the stations WEIZ-FM/WDAK-AM, WLTZ-TV,[1] WRBL-TV,[2] and WGSY-FM.[1] He would join The Weather Channel Radio Network in February 1990[1] and would remain there until sometime in the early-to-mid 2000s. In his later years with the network, he grew to become part of the network's most important in-house vocal talent, where in addition to his existing role as a radio meteorologist and narrator for the network's on-air bumpers and idents, he was tapped to voice the narration for the Weather Star XL, which would be known as Vocal Local, which would debut in the spring of 2000. These early low-fidelity narrations would later be improved upon with the debut of the IntelliStar system in 2003. These new narrations would be much more numerous and in much higher quality than those recorded for the XL. His narrations would remain in use until the retirement of the IntelliStar in November 2015, whereafter all Vocal Local narration heard on the network was that of Jim Cantore (whose narration was already in use on the IntelliStar 2 systems).

Sometime in the mid-to-late 2000s, Jackson set up an account through the voiceover talent site Voice123, offering his services to the public. This page is still active.[2]

Personal life

Unsurprisingly, Jackson has a vested interest in meteorology, having once said, "Severe thunderstorms always give me a thrill... (I) always wanted to see a tornado—just not near my house!" He enjoys spending time with his family in the mountains of northern Georgia. Jackson's hobbies include electronics and photography.[1]

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