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The Weather Channel Netherlands (Dutch: Het Weerkanaal) was a Dutch-language version of the Weather Channel that operated from 1996 to 1998.[1][2]

It was partially owned by Landmark Communications, then owners of the American Weather Channel, in cooperation with Meteo Consult.[2][3] Profitability and lack of cable carriage were cited as reasons for its discontinuation. When launched, it reached half a million cable subscribers; by its closure, the channel reached half of Dutch cable connections.[4][5]

Meteo Consult later launched a second Weerkanaal in 2006, changing its name to Weer en Verkeer (Weather and Traffic) in 2008.[6] The channel closed on October 1, 2013.[7]


Segments on the Weather Channel included:

  • Lokaal Weer (Local Weather), with forecasts for the local area on cable or various Dutch and Flemish cities on satellite.
  • Regionaal (Regional), with forecasts for three regions in the Netherlands and Flanders.
  • Sport Verwachting (Sports Forecast), featuring weather forecasts for sporting events.
  • Vakantie Weer (Vacation Weather), an overview of weather conditions for locations in Europe and the Mediterranean.


The channel also aired traffic reports, health segments, and information for boaters and gardeners.[3]


Presenters on the Weather Channel included:

  • Klaas Dros, formerly of the Dutch air force
  • Maud van der Kroon, formerly of Dutch broadcaster KRO
  • Peter Timofeeff, formerly of the Dutch weather service KNMI



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