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TWCForum welcome screen
TypeCompuServe forum
Content areas
  • The Weather Channel
  • General discussion
  • Meteorology
  • Music
Launch dateFebruary 2, 1995; 29 years ago (1995-02-02)
Closure date2006
Succeeded By:The Weather Channel AOL group

TWCForum (also capitalized as TWCFORUM) was a CompuServe forum that existed during the mid-to-late 1990s. An official platform run by The Weather Channel, the forum marked the channel's first major communication platform with its fan community.


TWCForum was begun on February 2, 1995. As that day was Groundhog Day, TWC used a groundhog mascot to announce the forum's launch.[1] The launch of the forum occured not long after the launch of The Weather Channel's website,

Little evidence exists online to establish much of the forum's history. It is known based off user testimony from Intelliguy that in the forum's later years, arguments and drama were common, in addition to topics being thrown off-topic. Administrators were rarely online to combat this behavior.[2]


While The Weather Channel would connect with fans through other means prior to the establishment of TWCForum, it was The Weather Channel's first online means of doing so. Later, the network would launch an AOL group that apparently followed a similar format to TWCForum, and possibly a message board on, although this has not been confirmed.

It was conjectured by one user that the turbulency of TWCForum's last few years could be a possible reason for the founding of TWC Classics in 1997.

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