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TWC Archive is an open wiki dedicated to maintaining the history of The Weather Channel. We are a fan run website run for the fan community. Over the years, a lot of history of the channel has come and gone. This history all deserves to be preserved. Many attempts have been made over the years to preserve this history and most have fallen into obscurity, or have been overrun with spam and general lack of housekeeping. This wiki aims to pick up where those sites have left off and keep recording TWC history alongside the other few sites still around.

A major limiting factor to history archival so far is that the content most fans want to document is, understandably, too specific for places like Wikipedia. A lot of those things are either loosely documented via forum threads or sometimes just by observation and video, so they don't meet the verifiability requirements present there. Here at TWC Archive, we can bring that all together to document anything we want about the channel.

So I don't have to source anything?

It is strongly preferred that you source everything that you can. We have looser verifiability standards than Wikipedia has, allowing for sources like community forums and YouTube videos. While these do not meet normal encyclopedic verifiability, they are often times the only sources we have as a fan community. That being said, we do understand though that not everything has a direct source and may exist only through observation or inside knowledge.

Is there anything I can't post?

As long as it's directly related to The Weather Channel, it's good to post. This doesn't mean you make articles about entirely unrelated news stations and events, for example.

Got any posting rules?

You bet! Check out the rules for the site on this page.

Wiki Staff

Current Staff
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Wiki Founder and Administrator

TWC fan since 2014, and sysadmin hobbyist. I host and run this wiki.
Let me know if something breaks, it's hard using the internet with paws!

(Also known as Triple C TWC)
Recognized Contributor

TWC fan since the mid-2000s, mainly here for the nostalgia and keeping this knowledge alive.
Specializing in Weather Stars, the TWC community, and TWC's history.
Can't ripple the Triple!

(Also known as Intelliguy)
Recognized Contributor

TWC fan since the late 1990s, with an interest and specialization in Weather Stars (XL and later)
and TWC programming / local forecast music from about 1996 until 2009.

(Also known as wxTV)

TWC fan beginning in the early 2010s with a focus since then until present.
Organized patterns and systematic methods for grouping colors,
shapes and letters are my specialty.
I like being a blue cube.


A fan of TWC since late 2019 and a contributor to this wiki since July 2021.
Hobbyist systems and network administrator.
Has heard to have been a pansexual tech unicorn. cAn't type well with hooVeS!

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