Triple C TWC Community

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Triple C TWC Community
TypeOnline group chat
FounderTriple C TWC
Content areas
  • General discussion
  • The Weather Channel
  • Triple C TWC channel
  • Milinoket Cabbl
  • General technology
  • Broadcast technology
Launch dateNovember 25, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-11-25) (as Triple C TWC)
June 18, 2019; 4 years ago (2019-06-18) (as Triple C TWC Community)

Triple C TWC Community is a Discord-based group chat aimed at The Weather Channel's fandom which acts as the primary community for the TWC fandom YouTube personality Triple C TWC.


In the years prior to the creation of the Triple C TWC Discord server, the TWC fandom had shifted from primarily being based around online forums to group chats on platforms such as Telegram and Discord. The first such group was The Weather Chat on Telegram, which attracted well-known fandom personalities, including Triple C TWC. In the aftermath of the community's transition to Discord, which included the closure of The Weather Chat's Telegram group in October 2017, the Triple C TWC Discord server was established on November 25, 2017, as a chat primarily focused on the Triple C TWC YouTube channel and its original series Milinoket Cabbl.

In the aftermath of various controversies, the server was relaunched as Triple C TWC Community on June 18, 2019, with changes made to user ranks and channels (chat spaces). In 2020, the server partnered with the wxTV Studios Discord server and other related servers in order to bring more centralization to the community. This remained the case until 2022, when the partnership program shifted to a promotion for the TWC Archive Discord server to increase activity there. The partnership program helped provide many users a new gathering space in the Triple C TWC Discord server upon the sudden closure of the wxTV Studios server in March 2023.

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