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Triple C TWC
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Personal information
Born2001; 21 years ago
  • YouTuber
  • artist
  • college student
  • tutor
YouTube information
Also known asTriple C
Years active2014-present
  • TWC fandom
  • Weather Star footage
  • Weather Star simulation
  • comedy
Subscribers512 subscribers[1]
(April 2022)
Total views201,336 views[1]
(April 2022)

Triple C TWC is a prominent personality within The Weather Channel fan community based out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is pseudonymously also refered to as Triple C. His YouTube channel is aimed primarily at the TWC community, but it is also home to some general content, including Milinoket Cabbl, an animated web series chronicling the life of a fictional cable worker and his son.


Origins (2013-2014)

The Triple C TWC channel has its roots in a much earlier channel known as Triple C Studios that began in 2013. The original channel was named for its three owners, whose names all start with a C, and its focus was primarily gaming content. An increasing personal lack of interest in gaming content drove Triple C, who wanted to expand his weather-related content, to begin a second channel, Triple C TWC, in 2014. This was also simply to avoid mixing TWC fan content in with gaming videos on the original channel.

Expansion (2015-2017)

For around a year after the beginning of the channel, it sat idle until mid-2015, when Triple C uploaded an overview video of his recently-acquired Weather Star 4000 unit. At the same time, the original channel had already fallen out of use, making Triple C TWC a standalone channel. Later, he would document his local IntelliStar 1's replacement Stars and begin to produce Weather Star simulations.

2016 saw a diversification of content, with YouTube Poop videos and two new Weather Star overview videos being produced, for the Weather Star Jr and XL. In November 2017, the Triple C TWC Discord server was launched to complement the YouTube channel as a community gathering space.

Rise of Milinoket Cabbl

The Weather Star XL overview video was notable for a cartoon-style cutaway segment lampooning cable workers and attempting to jokingly posit a reason why a port on the back of the XL was slightly damaged. The segment followed a cable worker and his son as they tried to remove a cable from the back of the XL unit. Despite the technical limitations of the segment, which was a series of images thrown together at the last minute and voiced using text-to-speech, the segment was received with approval from the community, perhaps more so than the original video itself. In The Weather Chat, a then-popular community gathering place, Triple C was encouraged to continue the segment. The new creation was entitled Milinoket Cabbl, a purposeful misspelling of "Millinocket Cable" that was meant to exemplify its humorous side at a time when it was heavily influenced by surreal meme culture, which made consistent use of misspellings.

After more encouragement to continue, the creation turned into a series, with five more episodes being produced through 2017. A notable shift occurred in the middle of development, changing the series from a more comedy-based direction to a mixed bag of comedy and drama with a mystery plot at its core. At the same time, the production quality improved drastically over the course of the episodes, and episode length increased with each new installment. These changes led to Triple C reconsidering moving forward with future episodes for the time being to focus on recreating the first few episodes. However, this quickly turned into a hiatus for Cabbl, as he ran into numerous roadblocks, including technical issues that required hardware repair.

Slowdown and content transition (2018-2020)

The years of 2018 and 2019 saw a decrease in video output that eventually resulted in a hiatus that was several months long, primarily due to life changes. This coincided with a transition from simulator content to recordings of actual Star units, which would become more evident in 2020. In mid-2019, the channel celebrated its 5th anniversary. Around the same time, Triple C made public announcements about improvements to Milinoket Cabbl that added eye movements and blinking as well as lip-syncing to the animation, hinting at a return of the series, but this also was postponed due to previously stated reasons.

New developments (2021-present)

Since 2020, Triple C TWC has largely been oriented towards Star recordings. Special request events occur occasionally, in which requests for videos are open to the public. One event, the 12 Nights of Christmas, was held in December 2020, but was abruptly halted after six videos due to an unforeseen technical error that held back production. Nonetheless, the event was highly notable for the return of the Milinoket Cabbl characters for the first time in three years, complete with previously-announced animation changes. On December 14, 2020, a video of the previously-showcased Weather Star 4000, now with working software, was uploaded to the channel, a major milestone considering the original showcase of said 4000 was the video that launched the channel into popularity.

In August 2021, the channel premiered a custom hurricane coverage livestream themed with 2005-era TWC-style graphics for Hurricane Ida. The channel passed the 500 subscriber mark on March 24, 2022, and is on track to pass the 600 subscriber mark in 2023. In January 2023, the return of the 12 Nights of Christmas event in December was announced on Triple C TWC’s YouTube and Twitter accounts.

Milinoket Cabbl

Milinoket Cabbl
Milcabbl logo.svg
GenreAnimated dramedy YouTube series
Created byTriple C TWC
Opening themeMission: Impossible theme (Rec0rder Mast3r version)
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes6
Running time~10-20 minutes (later episodes)
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereo
Original releaseMarch 20, 2016 (2016-03-20) –
July 6, 2017 (2017-07-06); in hiatus

Milinoket Cabbl is a standalone YouTube series created by Triple C TWC in 2016. As previously stated, the concept of the series originated as a segment during a Weather Star XL overview video but became its own series after viewer feedback encouraged its spinoff. The series follows the owner of a cable company in the small rural town of Millinocket, Maine, and his son. Dad, father and owner of the company, deals with the daily necessities of running his company as a nearly two-decade-old cold case involving the disappearance of his family begins to resurface and become relevant once again. Meanwhile, Son, Dad's son, a clumsy but well-meaning 18-year-old, attempts to prepare for his full-time involvement working with his father and eventually taking over the company, all while beginning to involuntarily uncover how deep the rabbit-hole of the family disappearance mystery truly goes.


The series is a 2D series animated in Final Cut. The original episodes, following the general format of Spodermen, a contemporary meme series which influenced the appearance of the series, featured very little fluid animation, although this was improved upon later. Generally, the series as a whole, but especially the first few episodes, were influenced in appearance and humor by the same 2016-era surreal meme trend that Spodermen came from, along with other memes such as Meme Man. This meant that originally, Cabbl presented as a consciously ironic meme series with hints of serious drama, heavily relying on purposeful misspellings as a point of humor and parody (hence the misspelled name of the series, which would otherwise be Millinocket Cable). Later episodes began to deviate from this precedent, shifting to a more drama-focused series with an art style that relatively increased in realisticness. The appearance of the characters depicts them with cut-off arms and no legs, as in Spodermen, but characters are implied to have them, being able to walk, grasp onto items, and referencing their existence as if they did. Length-wise, original episodes typically lasted around five minutes but increased up to twenty minutes by the sixth.

Plot summary (original series)

Milinoket Cabbl begins in the first episode with Dad and Son attempting to remove a Weather Star XL unit from their cable company's headend after the device was decommissioned. The plot of the first episode follows the same general course as the segment from the aforementioned overview, albeit extended; the two struggle to remove the unit under pressure from angry customers. In the second episode, Dad and Son, seeking a third set of hands for the company, recall the poor work performance of Larry, an in-series parody of Larry the Cable Guy and the uncle of Nelson, Son's closest friend. The two join Dad and Son in the third episode as they invest the money from their sold Weather Star XL into an RV, which the four then use to attempt a road trip. Larry and Nelson, trying to play a prank, throw Dad and Son into the back bedroom of the RV; and Nelson commandeers the RV, against his uncle's wishes, up the side of Mount Katahdin and ramps off into a nearby pond. In the fourth episode, Larry and Nelson attempt to seek help in the aftermath, while Dad and Son wash up on shore and begin to trek back to the headend. The topic of Dad and Son's family's disappearance around 17 years prior is brought up in a conversation between the two, which leads into their return to the headend, which had just been ransacked by an unknown organization seeking to bring down Dad's business. In the next episode, Larry and Nelson return as Dad begins to go deeper into explaining his life story, including his childhood, his adolescence, his first encounter with his now-missing wife, the origins of his business, Son's first year of life, and the day his best friend and his family coincidentally disappeared. The next morning, which begins the sixth (and longest) episode, sees Dad go off on his normal work activities, beginning with his morning trip to McSonic for breakfast. There, in a shocking turn of events, he runs into his father-in-law, who had been missing for nearly two decades. The two immediately sit down and his father-in-law, going into what happened on the day of the disappearance, explains that a band of ransackers had raided both Dad's parents' house and his own house, kidnapping the rest of Dad's family but throwing him out of the back window of the house. In fear of being targeted again, Dad's father-in-law flees into the woods, going off the radar. After the explanation, Dad and his father-in-law travel together to his parents' house, still in his possession, in search of clues. There, the two intercept and capture an employee they saw earlier at McSonic, who was sent to scout out the property as a potential location for the world's largest and most whimsical McSonic location. The three then work together to intercept the employee's boss and his henchman, who are on their way to the house as well. Meanwhile, Larry, Nelson, and Son are targeted once more at the headend by the same organization that previously attacked the building, this time wielding a bulldozer and running through the front of the building. Son manages to disable to bulldozer and capture a member of the organization, while Dad, his father-in-law, and the McSonic worker brief McSonic's boss on the situation involving Dad's family's disappearance. They agree to help Dad's group with the search effort, and Dad returns to the headend to find the property in shambles falling the partial demolition of the headend. Determined, Dad vows to continue the fight.

Post-release and future

The series has been in hiatus since the sixth episode. Triple C TWC has stated that there are plans to continue the series when time allows, with improved animation, lip-syncing, new characters, an expanded plot, and remakes of old-format episodes. The main characters of Milinoket Cabbl returned as hosts for the channel's 2020 12 Nights of Christmas event, which produced only six out of twelve planned episodes due to unforeseen technical difficulties. It was confirmed in January 2023 that the characters would once again return for the event, which began on December 13 and ran for all twelve nights.

TWC memorabilia

Triple C uses the variety of Weather Stars he owns in his YouTube videos as a means to allow others to reminisce over memories of TWC's past. In addition to Weather Stars, he has publicly showcased a collection of IntelliStar-themed stress relievers signed by TWC personalities that he bought from well-known fandom personality Charles Abel-Lear (The Weather Chazz).

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