The Weather Chat

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The Weather Chat
TypeOnline group chat
  • Kik (2015)
  • Telegram (2015-2017)
  • Discord (2017-2018)
Content areas
  • General discussion
  • The Weather Channel
  • General technology
  • Broadcast technology
Users~30 (peak)
Launch dateMarch 25, 2015; 9 years ago (2015-03-25)
Closure dateApril 22, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-04-22)
Succeeded By:wxTV Studios

The Weather Chat (abbreviated as TWChat) was a chat group targeted at The Weather Channel's fan community and members of related fandoms. For the majority of its history, it existed as a group on the Telegram messaging platform.


The Weather Chat was created during the early era of modern instant messenger apps in the mid-2010s, when apps like Kik, Telegram, and later, Discord were becoming popular. The instant communication model of these services provided the opportunity to develop closer connections between members of the weather fan community compared to the less instantaneous model exhibited through forums, which had been more popular until that point.

The Weather Chat, as a major hub for the TWC fan community, developed a unique culture that continues to have a major impact on the community to this day. Many current fandom personalities began networking with one another during the existence of the chat, leading to a variety of major events in the community. The Weather Chat also had a major impact on the creation and development of Triple C TWC's YouTube series Milinoket Cabbl, with the initial idea for the series originating there and much of the original humor and tropes found in the series being based off various aspects of the chat's culture, which itself was heavily influenced by surreal humor and internet memes of the day.


The Weather Chat initially begun on March 25, 2015, as a channel on the instant messaging service Kik, founded by well-known fandom personalities wxTV and Velitacast (then TheFilmReel). It would eventually migrate to Telegram, which had only just began to expand in popularity at the time, later that year.

On Telegram, the chat enjoyed new growth, with more well-known personalities, up-and-coming personalities, and general fans taking notice of the community and joining. While the chat was relatively small compared to many of the communities that exist in the present, the resulting diversity of its users among that smaller number allowed for a rich variety of perspectives in conversations. Many who joined were WeatherStar owners, graphic designers, simulator creators, or even members of other fandoms, among others. Unfortunately, the chat, like other communities before it, had its own drama problems, which led to some of its members leaving toward the end of its existence. In turn, this led to less productive conversations over time.

The Weather Chat and affiliated group chats would shut down on Telegram on October 4, 2017, being superceded by a Discord equivalent. It was believed that Discord, with its capability for multiple chat channels in a group, would better serve the interests of the group. The chat enjoyed its brief revival on Discord with a smaller group of community personalities, but eventually, this experiment was also shut down. The wxTV Studios Discord server was eventually created as the primary replacement for The Weather Chat, followed by its affiliated group chats. Today, these communities, primarily wxTV Studios, enjoy more membership than TWChat did at its height.

Affiliated chats

Due to the format of Telegram not including the ability to create separate chat channels within the group, members wanting to discuss different topics at the same time were initially limited and desired specialty chat spaces. These eventually came in the form of affiliated group chats, with differing rules and topics:

  • The Cold Front: general chat used to keep interruptions from occuring in discussions in TWChat proper.
  • The Warm Front: used for discussion of topics that may be considered inappropriate for younger users.
  • The Weather Chat Creative Corner: used for users to showcase creative projects, including TWC simulation videos, graphic design projects, art, and other creations.
  • The Electronics Room: used for the discussion of general technology topics.
  • The Broadcast Group: used for the discussion of topics relating specifically to broadcast technology, primarily as it related to television.

The smaller groups, including the Electronics Room and Broadcast Group, would eventually be consolidated into a new group called The Front Lounge in 2016. The Cold and Warm Front groups would be consolidated into the main group later, on June 15, 2017. The ideas for the Cold and Warm Front chats originated during TWChat's Kik era. In addition to the aforementioned chats, an extra chat existed for administrator discussions. The Creative Corner group was revived as a channel in 2021 on the wxTV Studios Discord server and later on the Triple C TWC Community Discord server.

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