Prime Time Tonight

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Prime Time Tonight
GenreProgramming guide
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Production locationsAtlanta, Georgia
Running time3 minutes
Original networkThe Weather Channel
Picture formatNTSC
Original release1988 (1988)–1991 (1991)

Prime Time Tonight was an informational channel guide-style segment aired on The Weather Channel from 1988 to 1991. The segment gave a three minute run-through a variety of upcoming and current programming on different channels, including TWC’s own weather coverage. The segment would air every evening at :27 and :57 past the hour. Channel and programming information was placed on top of national feed video by use of the local headend’s Weather Star 4000, allowing for local channel numbers and program times to be displayed. The segment was meant to be limited to select locales, although technical errors would occasionally lead to the video, audio, or both video and audio of the segment airing in other areas not meant to receive the segment.

The segment would detail upcoming and current programs for select channels in four categories—Drama/Special, Sports, Movies, and News/Weather—before airing a short recap of the programs in those categories.

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