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Welcome to the Triple C TWC userpage!

I've kinda been a TWC fan since I was 5. More than anything else, I'm in it because of the music that influenced my entire music taste and, generally, nostalgia. I'm also a bunch of other things including an artist, language nerd, graphic design tinkerer, etc...


See my TWC Archive page: Triple C TWC

Fun facts

  • I'm one person who runs the Triple C TWC channel, but the "Triple C" name goes back to a time when two of my friends and I ran a YouTube channel together. It's definitely acceptable to call me Triple, but I always kinda have to laugh because that name didn't originally refer to just me!
  • If you go to my YouTube channel and watch through the Milinoket Cabbl series I have up, you'll probably wonder why I have something there that deviates a lot of my channel's weather theme. It's actually related though... I came up with the idea as a filler segment when I made an overview video of a WeatherStar XL unit!
    • On a side note, yes, I definitely have plans to continue the series! I'm in a tough spot right now juggling volunteering as an art tutor and being a full-time student, and I'm currently waiting on a potential second volunteering opportunity in addition to what I'm already doing. My time to work on the series, besides my other obligations, is definitely limited right now! I have certainly hinted whenever I spend time creating new assets or scenes for the series, although these moments are unfortunately somewhat few and far between.
    • Contrary to what you'd think, given I made a whole universe about a small town in Maine, I've never actually been there! When I do get the chance to work on the series, I do a lot of research trying to get a grasp on the dialect and the general locale. Going there is definitely on my bucket list though!
  • Besides my dabbling in the TWC community, putting out content for fans of the channel, and generally just being a college student, I'm also an artist and part-time teacher, with interests in linguistics and education, which influenced my choice of major. There was a time where I was way more invested in the TWC community, but given the current state of the network and community, I've made it more of a secondary focus.

Cable provider

Cable provider? What's that?? If you couldn't tell, I don't actually have one. I broke free from the bondage of Comcast years ago and never looked back, although that does mean I don't have a Star over cable for TWC anymore. Sad, but at this rate, I don't really care given the state of the network... (see abandon all hope, ye who enter here infoboxes off to the side...)