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Hi there.

Been in the TWC community/fanbase since November 2019. I do things.

I'm also an administrator on this wiki- feel free to leave things on my talk page if any help is needed and for any questions/concerns! c:

TWC-related details

Home provider: Dish Network (TWC Channel 214, HD & SD)

STAR ID: No idea. LOL - DISH is presumed to have an i2 Jr on the SD variant of the channel, so I have at least *some star unit* I watch.

My family has primarily had Dish for as long as I can remember so my STARs I see at home have always been coupled with the National feed. Makes sense, it's satellite.

However: For a while we owned a townhouse in an area with Suddenlink cable services in Bryan/College Station, and with that, I have access to these Weather Star units (through my aunt's cable service):

IntelliStar 2 XD- College Station, TX- Channel 25

IntelliStar 1 (SD)- College Station, TX Weatherscan- Channel 378 (ID:025137) Decommissioned on 12/12/22, lasted until the shutdown, RIP :( (this!)