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Hey, I'm TWCKelby.

Hi, my name is Kelby and I'm the owner / operator / sysadmin of TWC Archive. My expertise is the IntelliStar 1, IntelliStar 2 Jr, and TWC overall from 2014 through today. I started this wiki to help preserve the history of the fandom and the channel, and I hope you'll join the rest of the community helping preserve it as well!

I only became a fan and joined the TWC community in 2014, but I'm trying to make up for lost time. The IS1 is my favorite Star unit, particularly with the 2008 graphics revision.

Got questions about the site? Leave a message on my talk page!

Our local forecast

I currently receive TWC through Blue Ridge Communications, a small regional cable MSO in eastern Pennsylvania. This region was also lucky enough (until 2022-05-01) to carry Weatherscan.

Local Star history
Channel # Star ID # Hardware Revision Service Status
34 23268 IntelliStar Decomissioned as of 2015-04
218 19874 Weatherscan Decomissioned as of 2022-05-01
621 11624 IntelliStar 2 HD Decommissioned as of 2015-04
621 N/A IntelliStar 2 XD Currently in service

Wiki fun facts

  • Although this site was officially launched in 2020, I started building it in 2018 with a small group of friends
  • The wiki has been referenced as part of an article from Ars Technica on Weatherscan's end of life
  • The site is hosted on a VPS from Linode (#notsponsored)
    • Specs: 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 50GB storage space
  • Actively maintaining a MediaWiki install is for masochists and you can't convince me otherwise

Where else to find me