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The history of The Weather Chat, a chat group for fans of The Weather Channel, spanned from 2015 to 2018 across three different platforms—Kik, Telegram, and Discord.

Kik era (2015)

The Weather Chat was first created on March 25, 2015, by wxTV and Velitacast, well-known personalities within the fandom.

Telegram era (2015-2017)

The group migrated to Telegram on November 18, 2015, almost 8 months after the group was initially created.

The group was officially closed on Telegram on October 4, 2017, over two and a half years after the group's creation and almost two after the migration from Kik. The day prior, the ability to message was turned off in the group. The last message, sent by wxTV as an announcement of the closure, was "Thank you for being a part of The Weather Chat on Telegram. As one chapter closes, a new one begins. We hope you will join us on a new, fresh start on Discord."

Discord era (2017-2018)

The new TWChat presence on Discord was a relatively short-lived time period, beginning immediately after the October 2017 transition. The server itself was much older, however, being created on December 12, 2015. The server continued to be used until April 22, 2018, when it was finally publicly superceded by the new wxTV Studios group. There have been attempts by other users since that point to attempt to recreate TWChat in name, but wxTV Studios remained the primary successor to the group until its sudden shutdown in March 2023.

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