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WX Geeks, an abbreviation for Weather Geeks, was an American talk show that aired for five seasons from July 20, 2014 to April 8, 2018, when it was superseded by a podcast with the same name (albeit without the abbreviation). The show was aimed at people interested in the science of meteorology.

It aired at Noon on Sundays. Dr. Marshall Shepherd hosted the show.


WX Geeks began on Sunday, July 20th 2014. Before December 2014 after WX Geeks Weather Center Live would air. After December 2014, Long-form programming would begin with a glitch in the LDL, which would happen for 8 minutes until the Local on the 8s. On April 8th 2018 the last WX Geeks aired on the weather channel. Weather Geeks which aired on Sundays at Noon was moved to a digital format to accommodate the social aspect, Dr. Marshall Shepard is still hosting, during the time Weekend Recharge was expanded from 9-12 weekends to 9a-1p, Dr. Erika Navarro joined the show as a third host.