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This template is based off the Academic Peer Reviewed template and is meant for Wikipedia articles updated as part of a dual publication model used by journals to incentivize scholarly contributions to Wikipedia. Academics and other experts are invited to contribute a peer-reviewed review article to the journal, and must create a corresponding Wikipedia version of that review article. Although the content should be similar, the peer-reviewed article and the corresponding Wikipedia article are textually different in order to ensure accessibility of the Wikipedia version to the community at large.

{{Academic-written review
| wikidate = date (year) of update by review article author
| journal = name of journal (can include wikilink)
| title   = 
| authors = 
| date    = publication date of corresponding review
| volume  = 
| issue   =  
| pages   = 
| pmid    = pmid number
| doi     = identifier only
| pmc     = pmc id without the leading 'PMC'
| url     = url to open access page if available


{{Academic-written review
| wikidate = 2016
| journal = [[Gene (journal)|Gene]]
| title   = {{#property:P1476|from=Q38916407}}
| authors = {{#property:P2093|from=Q38916407}}
| date    = {{#property:P577|from=Q38916407}}
| volume  = {{#property:P478|from=Q38916407}}
| issue   = {{#property:P433|from=Q38916407}}
| pages   = {{#property:P304|from=Q38916407}}
| doi     = {{#property:P356|from=Q38916407}}
| pmid    = {{#property:P698|from=Q38916407}}
| pmc    = {{#property:P932|from=Q38916407}}

Published version
  1. {{#property:P2093|from=Q38916407}} ({{#property:P577|from=Q38916407}}). "{{#property:P1476|from=Q38916407}}". Gene. {{#property:P478|from=Q38916407}} ({{#property:P433|from=Q38916407}}): {{#property:P304|from=Q38916407}}. doi:{{#property:P356|from=Q38916407}} Check |doi= value (help). PMC {{#property:P932|from=Q38916407}} Check |pmc= value (help). PMID {{#property:P698|from=Q38916407}} Check |pmid= value (help). Check date values in: |date= (help)CS1 maint: uses authors parameter (link)


Note that this template transcludes the Cite Journal Template, and inherits one of the weaknesses/issues of said template. The author list must be formatted in a certain way or it will give errors when using the {{{vauthors}}} parameter. If you use this template and populate it with info pulled from Wikidata, it will not format the author list in a way compatible with {{{vauthors}}}. Rather than have each use of the template raise an error, this template uses the {{{authors}}} instead. Unfortunately, the use of this parameter is discouraged because it does not contribute to a citation's metadata, and users consuming cs1|2 citations via the metadata will find that the citation is missing authors.

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