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Site Rules

These are the main rules to follow for the site. It's a small list, so do be dumb and be the reason another gets added to it

  1. Treat your fellow editors professionally and with respect. As the saying from Bill and Ted goes, "Be excellent to each other!"
  2. Use your common sense
  3. Don't be a dick and vandalize pages
  4. Please use proper English and formatting while typing articles. Don't just dump a paragraph with a lot of misspelled words and no punctuation.
    • While we don't have the current staffing to do it, but in the future we'd be happy to look into setting up translated versions of the wiki in the future. Same style that Wikipedia does it!

Completely Prohibited Content

The following content is completely restricted from the wiki. We try to be pretty lax as we're starting out, but these items are always bad

  1. We strictly prohibit the posting of any internal TWC phone number, document, asset or software on this wiki unless the material is already available publicly and freely. Sharing assets/intellectual property on this site is strictly prohibited. Anything along those lines this will result in a temporary ban from editing, and a removal of said content. This applies to items belonging to both Weather Group and IBM
  2. All content of an adult nature is prohibited and all content posted will result in a ban from the site.
  3. Direct uploads of video/audio content to TWC Archive are not allowed without site administration approval. Externally hosted content is allowed.