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  |alt2=The IntelliStar 2 Jr's Enhanced Graphics Package.
  |alt2=The IntelliStar 2 Jr's Enhanced Graphics Package.
  |The IntelliStar 2 Jr displaying the second graphics package, known internally as "Enhanced".<ref>[https://twctodayforums.com/forums/local-forecast/4000xljr-the-end-is-near/msg189798/#msg189798]</ref>
  |The IntelliStar 2 Jr displaying the second graphics package, known internally as "Enhanced".<ref>{{Citation|last=|first=|title=4000/XL/Jr. - The End Is Near|url=https://twctodayforums.com/forums/local-forecast/4000xljr-the-end-is-near/msg189798/#msg189798|volume=|pages=}}</ref>
  |alt3=The IntelliStar 2 Jr's Enhanced v2 Graphics Package.
  |alt3=The IntelliStar 2 Jr's Enhanced v2 Graphics Package.

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IntelliStar 2 Jr.
IntelliStar 2 Jr Current Conditions screen as of 2014.
Manufacturer:Custom Built
Family:IntelliStar 2
Hardware:PC Based
OS:Windows Embedded Standard
Render Engine:Vizrt
Release date:October 2013
Status:Alternative - Low-cost upgrade for legacy systems, mainly replaced by IntelliStar 2 XD
Format480i Standard Definition
Succeeded By:IntelliStar 2 XD

The IntelliStar 2 Jr (stylized as "I2 Jr") is a low-cost analog and digital offering suitable for smaller cable providers. It was developed and released in 2013. Similar to the first-generation IntelliStar, the unit is capable of operating natively for both analog and digital transmission on cable systems. The IntelliStar 2 Jr was later used as a permanent replacement for all analog WeatherStar systems on June 26, 2014 as a result of the discontinuance of the analog-only units.[1]

The IS2Jr functions similarly to the main IntelliStar 2 with the voice-over narrations provided by Jim Cantore. Until June of 2014, the unit utilized the IntelliStar 2's previous graphics set. Much like its predecessors (since the 2010 graphics change), it did not have its own Lower Display Line (LDL) during national segments, except for the warning crawl. The 2013 Weather All The Time graphics set began a gradual rollout from June 2014 on, bringing the unit up to date with the IntelliStar and IntelliStar 2, and restoring full functionality to the unit.

With the launch of the IntelliStar 2 XD, and its ability to downconvert its high definition feed to a letterboxed standard definition feed, use of the IntelliStar 2 Jr dropped as headends now only required one unit for both feeds.

Current products

  • Weather Bulletins (when a weather statement has been issued) - Shows any watches, warnings, or advisories issued for one's area by the National Weather Service
  • Current Conditions - The weather conditions, current temperature, wind speed, wind gusts, feels like temperature, dew point, visibility, and pressure
  • Metro Conditions – A map-based version of the Latest Observations segment, usually with the addition of one to three extra locations; however, wind data is excluded (This product was discontinued with the Weather All The Time graphics)
  • Regional Doppler - Shows any precipitation in the area and its movement over the course of three hours
  • Metro Doppler (when precipitation is present) - A zoomed in radar showing the immediate metro area used when precipitation is moving through
  • Radar Satellite - A satellite/radar view of the larger region
  • Local Forecast - The forecast for the next 36 hours in one's area
  • The Week Ahead - The forecast for the next seven days (including the current day).


October 2013 Initial beta testing and release of the I2 Jr begins
April - May 2014 I2 Jr is aggressively deployed to cable providers using legacy Weather Star systems, pending TWC's discontinuation of its analog satellite feed. The unit utilizes the IntelliStar 2's previous graphics set instead of the current graphics as a result.
June 2014 A gradual rollout of the Weather All The Time graphics package began to all deployed units.[2]
April 3, 2018 I2 Jr receives a refresh to the LDL. The Weather Channel logo is replaced with a Local on the 8s logo, an ad crawl is added to the LDL, and Local on the 8s now only appears at :18 and :48 past the hour.
August 20, 2019
  • I2 Jr receives the new 2019 rebrand graphics package.
    • The font used on the unit changes to Roboto
    • The LDL receives a new background and animations, but mainly keeps the existing layout.
    • Local on the 8s no longer animate the background on and off screen, and the font is changed. The rest of the forecast remains the same as the previous package.


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